When I'm Not Writing

"When I'm Not Writing" is a feature that I'm organizing over on Tynga's Reviews.  For it, we invite authors to submit guest posts on the topic "when I'm not writing..."  It's fun to see these glimpses into authors' lives!  I'm hoping to have a "When I'm Not Writing" post every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, and continue to participate in The Broke and the Bookish's "Top Ten Tuesday" every other Tuesday.  So keep checking back here to see what authors are up to when they're not writing!

Clark, Tracy (author of Scintillate & Deviate)
Corrigan, Elizabeth (author of Oracle of Philadelphia & Raising Chaos) 12/23/14
Davis, Lia 12/16/14 and 11/17/15
Ervin, Seth with Casey Eanes (authors of The Red Deaths)3/10/15
Lopatin, Jared R. 3/31/15
Michaels, Aria 10/13/15
Petersen, Leah 1/20/15
Richards, Alyssa 12/8/15
Smith, Lauren 11/24/15
Thomas, Cindy 4/14/15

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