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Allegiant by Veronica Roth | Book Review

Allegiant by Veronica Roth:  My Thoughts

(Isn't this a GORGEOUS cover?!)

This was a GREAT conclusion to the Divergent trilogy!  I've read quite a few YA trilogies and this might be the most "stable" one out there.  By that I mean that I was hooked from the beginning of Divergent and remained really excited through Insurgent and was 100% emotionally invested still at the end of Allegiant.  I feel like sometimes the authors of trilogies would be better off just stopping after Book 1.  I will definitely recommend this trilogy!

Allegiant picks up right from the end of Insurgent, so Veronica Roth doesn't waste any pages explaining what has happened between books:  the action starts right away.  And it's EXCITING.

It's really hard to know how much I can talk about in a review of a third book in a series/trilogy and avoid spoilers!  So stop reading right here if you haven't read Divergent and Insurgent and want to keep them a surprise.

At the end of Insurgent the reader is left with a completely chaotic Chicago.  Utter anarchy and madness, now that all the factions have been disbanded.  Tris and Four are together "officially" now, but the rest of their world is in shambles.  Plenty of people are willing to try to make this whole new factionless society work, but there's another group forming, calling themselves Allegiant, who wants to re-instate the factions.  Then there's Tris, Four, and few others who want to follow Esther's directive to leave the city to go to the aid of the people outside of society.  What they find beyond the city is a complete shock, and they must make a lot of decisions quickly.  What is truly best for society?  And who has the right to make those hard decisions?

THE ENDING.  OH. MY. GOD. THE ENDING!!!!  It is horrible and wonderful and perfect and so not what I wanted but yet such a brilliant way for Ms. Roth to wrap up the trilogy.  Please please please comment and let me know how you felt about Tris at the end of the book!  I finished this book 5 days ago and I'm still emotionally reeling.  Wow.

This trilogy ended up being so great in all ways: it had a great story, fantastic character development, extraordinary world-building, an exceptional ending, and beautiful language.  I got all three books from the library, but have added them to my wish list to own someday.

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