Sunday, December 15, 2013

Toy Time by Christopher Byrne | Book Review

Toy Time by Christopher Byrne: My Thoughts

My only complaint with this book is that it isn't longer!  Christopher Byrne covers dozens of toys in his book, and there were only a very few that I didn't remember playing with myself as a kid.  The book is so well laid out that I ended up reading it cover to cover.  You know, with some non fiction titles similar to this one you would just flip through and read about a couple of your favorite toys then put it down, but I couldn't do that.  The chapters were arranged brilliantly, covering inside toys, outside toys, traditionally boy toys, traditionally girl toys, board games, fads, and classics. The book has lots of pictures of the toys themselves and sometimes shots of the original ads; every page is full-color.  Each toy got 1-3 pages and the author never drowned me in descriptions.  Such fun!  I want to go play now... 

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