Friday, March 28, 2014

Infinite by Jodi Meadows | Book Review

(LOOK AT THIS COVER!!!  Gorgeous!)

SO. MUCH.  There was just so, so, so much to this book to love!  Jodi Meadows definitely ended her trilogy with a BANG.

Before you even start reading:  The Cover.  The covers to these three books might just be some of the most gorgeous book covers I've ever seen.  I walked around the whole two days it took me to read the book going up to coworkers and friends and family all "Look at this!  Isn't this the most gorgeous book cover?"

The story:  It's so well-written!  Jodi Meadows even pulls out some details from way back in Incarnate and brings them to fruition in Infinite.  Talent.  I've read in some reviews that some people weren't thrilled with the "pointless meandering" in the first 100 pages... but for me it worked.  It was necessary.  And the action started right about page 100 and most people will give a book at least 100 pages before giving up.  I think it was necessary because it allowed Ana to develop her relationship with Cris, which is very important later on in the book.  Oh my goodness... so important.  After the first bit where they're on a trip outside of Heart and interacting with the sylphs and all, the action gets pretty intense.  I'm glad I read this in physical format and not ebook so that I could flip back and forth and reread sections to make sure I was keeping up.  There's a lot that happens!  But totally worth it.  It's the finale to a trilogy; there's a lot to wrap up.

The characters:  Ana is badass while still having feelings and being a teenage girl.  Sam is one of the most forgiving, lovable guys ever.  And he's a musician.  My hubby happens to be a musician, so I totally pictured him whenever I pictured Sam.  It worked.  And it made me love Sam just a little more, if that's possible.  I mean, he's got a lot to process.  He's lived 5,000 years under one assumption, and now it turns out that everything he knew was wrong.  He handles all that with grace and poise and patience.  Cris is just... WOW.  No spoilers.  But he definitely takes chivalry to a new level.

The bonus creatures:  Sylphs and dragons and phoenixes oh my... and now centaurs too!  But it works.  It's not awkward at all to add another mythical creature to the Range.  Jodi Meadows does such a great job in describing all these creatures; you can really see them in your mind's eye.

The epilogue:  Need.  To.  Read.  Don't skip it!

This whole book is such a great ending to the trilogy!  I'm so glad that I waited to read the first two until the third one was nearly published so that I didn't have to wait long in between.  And they're just so pretty!  I'd love to have them on my bookshelf.

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