Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend Pintest #3: Leprechaun Hats

Has anyone else been sucked into the vortex of Pinterest quite as much as I have?  I mean, other than the craft blog ladies.  Ya'll, I could lose hours of my life browsing that site.  A couple months ago I realized, though, that I was pinning much more than I was doing.  So now my goal is to try at least one pin from my boards every weekend.  Some weeks I attempt upwards of two or three!  I know:  my life is very exciting.

This post will be very short & sweet, as I was too involved with the making and the mess to take any action shots of the product as it was being made.  I work at an undisclosed library in teen services, and I thought that it'd be fun (and easy) to make Leprechaun Hats since it's March and St. Patrick's Day is coming up and who doesn't love chocolate?

Here's the original Pin.  Cute, no?  And the instructions make it sound pretty simple.

Kitchen Chemistry: Leprechaun Hats

You take a Fudge Stripe cookie and turn it upside down.  Melt some chocolate and dip a marshmallow in it.  Use melted green chocolate to attach the marshmallow to the cookie.  Decorate with a shamrock.  

I made some modifications right off.  First, we were not going to attempt the candy shamrock.  Second, I was going to use frosting to secure the marshmallow to the cookie so that I didn't have to have two pots of melted chocolate going on in a teen program.  Also, the program is "Kitchen Chemistry" so I felt like I ought to throw in just a little chemistry, so I bought white frosting and provided the teens with blue and yellow food coloring.  Voila!  Chemistry.  And green frosting.  And 24 hours later I still have some blue food dye stains on my hand.  That stuff is stubborn.

Overall, the afternoon program was a big hit with the teens.  They got really creative with their leprechaun hats and the frosting and then at the end they asked me when the next Kitchen Chemistry program would be.  

However.... *cue dramatic music*  This is how my Leprechaun Hat turned out:

The shame... Isn't that pitiful?  Truth to tell, this is how most everyone's Leprechaun Hats turned out.  I believe I may be to blame... I was the one who made the decision to substitute frosting (hand-dyed by teens) for the melted green chocolate.  But you know what?  They were sugary and chocolatey and delicious and the teens ate all the cookies and marshmallows.  And that's what really matters to me.  :)

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