Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Library Technology and User Services: Planning, Integration, and Usability Engineering by Anthony Chow | Book Review

Library Technology and User Services: Planning, integration, and usability engineering

A wonderfully, surprisingly good read!  I was assigned this for a class, of course, but I'm serious:  I actually ended up enjoying it.

Library Technology and User Services doesn't sound like it describes two things that typically go together, but Chow and Bucknall tie them together in a very common sense way.  Each chapter addresses both topics together.  It gives very practical advice on how to serve library patrons through excellence in technological assistance.  It's also a quick read.  No high brow academic language here, and no unnecessary filler.  It's worth every penny paid.

I bought this book for a class and plan to keep it around.

*I own my copy of Library Technology and User Services.

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