Monday, April 6, 2015

The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared by Alice Ozma | Book Review

The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared

The Reading Promise is the story of one dad and one daughter, committed to reading aloud together for at least 15 minutes every day, no matter what.  A lot of days this task is easily met; other days, especially once Alice enters high school, the reading promise becomes a challenge that dad and daughter eagerly rise to.

While I felt like the book had a slightly slow start, I'm so very glad I stuck with it.  The Reading Promise is laid out in a series of vignettes; little windows into the Brozinas' lives.  The reader gets to see Alice grow up, and face life's turbulences.  By the middle of the book I was starting to see quite a bit of myself in Alice.

I may be slightly biased in giving this book 4 of 5 stars.  My mom and I read aloud together well into my high school years.  We never made a formal pact, and it wasn't every single night, but it was 4-5 times a week.  And I so treasure those memories.  Curling up in bed in the evening and ending the day reading aloud together.  The soft cadence of our voices.  If I ever had kids, I'd definitely do the same thing with them.

The Reading Promise is a sweet, unique, relatively short memoir, and I enjoyed it.

*I checked out my copy of The Reading Promise from my local library.

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