Monday, August 24, 2015

Smoothies: Plus Bonus Juicing Section! by Betty Crocker | CookbookReview

First Impressions:
Lots and lots of yummy smoothie concoctions!

But only found a small handful of "real food" ones. A lot called for flavored yogurts or frozen "fruit & yogurt chips."

Traditional fruit or fruit & veggie recipes + frozen smoothie pops + alcoholic smoothies + juicing section (with "recipes" for good juicing combos)

Color pictures of every smoothie.

Ones I Tried:
Watermelon-Kiwi-Banana Smoothie:  Sweeter than I'm used to, but definitely good!

Berries and Mango Smoothie:  So it was supposed to be strawberries, raspberries, and mango, but I ran out of strawberries so I doubled the raspberries.  Maybe not the best problem-solving.  A bit tart.  But I would definitely do this one again with the proper ingredients!

Tropical Papaya Smoothie:  Pretty good, but I think maybe papaya just isn't my favorite fruit.  It came together great, just not my fave.

I'd recommend.  Lots of great ideas, and I could probably get creative and find subs for some of the non-whole foods ingredients.  And I'm always a fan of cookbooks with lots of pictures!

*I checked out my copy of Smoothies from my local library.

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