Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Take Note! George Washington the Reader by Amanda C. Isaac | Book Review

The hubby and I went to Washington, D.C. back in May, and while there we spent one day at Mount Vernon.  I absolutely love George (yeah, I feel like we're on a first name basis), and was super excited to find this book in their store.  It's a pretty slender paperback, produced in conjunction with an exhibit they hosted.  (The exhibit had been taken down by the time we visited.)

Take Note! is broken down into the different topics that George read in, such as agriculture, religion, and political theory.  The best part:  tons and tons of full-color pictures.  So even though the special exhibit wasn't around anymore when we visited, I still got to "see" some of George's books.

As a library employee, I thought it was super cool to see his library "card" from the New York Public Library!  They had a policy that government officials, while not residents of New York City, were able to borrow books still.  So cool to see "George Washington... President... Book Title!"  Wouldn't you have loved to be that librarian?

Because this is such a short review, here's a picture of me and the hubby in George's backyard!

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