Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Storm Warning by Billy Graham | Book Review

Storm Warning

So... by accident, I'm writing this review several weeks after finishing this book.  I loved it, and highly, highly recommend it.  My church recently did a sermon series on Revelation, and this book was mentioned one week.  I loved how down to earth it was- I could practically hear Billy Graham talking to me in his North Carolina drawl.  I didn't feel preached to at all.  I also learned a lot!  Billy Graham makes Revelation relevant to modern times, which makes it much more understandable.  It's not overly long, and I was able to read it and follow with it even while reading it in fits and starts while nursing a baby in the middle of the night!  I recommend you check it out.

Here are a few quotes from the book that I jotted down as being particularly exciting/poignant/true (to me):

I agree with Paul de Parrie, an author who says he finds it odd that the same people who never think to question the instructions that com with their VCR or microwave "instantly bristle with questions about God's instructions on the most important issues in all of life."  If the handbook on their Japanese camcorder warns them to keep it away from water, they do it, but if the Bible, which comes with much greater authority and a lifetime warranty, tells them to "flee fornication," they recoil in horror!

Through study and genius, the greatest minds have touched the very edges of God's creation, and some have apparently decided there is no God.  I think of a child so absorbed with his paper airplane that he is oblivious to the 747 taking him around the world.

I like what D.L. Moody said: "The place for ships is in the sea.  But God help the ship if the sea gets in the ship!"  If we remain in the world, the storm will swallow us up.  Noah was in the Ark-not the flood.

It is not unusual to see poisonous snakes in the mountains of North Carolina where my wife and I raised our children.  We would tell them, "Be careful where you walk; watch out for snakes!"  That is also a legitimate fear.  We have been told by God that, if we sin against Him and break His commandments.  He will bring judgment upon the world.  That is also a legitimate fear, and if we don't listen to those warnings, we are living in great danger.

Many believe that a criminal, for example, is only a victim of his environment.  Yet the first crime on earth was committed in a perfect environment.

*I checked out my copy of Storm Warning from my local library.

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