Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  For more information, or to join the fun yourself, check out their blog!

Top Ten Favorite Places to Read
(Really... anywhere.  I've read books waiting outside of dressing rooms in the mall before.)

1. My bed.  I imagine this is probably #1 on a lot of Top Ten Favorite Places to Read lists!

2. Laying on my back on the floor in the boy's room.  This might sound weird, but this is where the two of us read together the most often.  Now that maternity leave's over and we only get to do this three or four times a week instead of three or four times a day it's extra special.

3. My armchair, while wrapped in an afghan and enjoying a mug of hot coffee.

4. My husband's recliner.  :)  (He might not be aware of how often I read in it while he's not home.  The boy and I totally love that it rocks.)

5. Out on my porch.  Or on my parents-in-law's porch.  Porch reading is definitely awesome, especially on nice spring days!

6. Anywhere, on my lunch break at work.  I work in a public library, and lunch break is an hour to hide away and just focus on me.  I don't take "lunch breaks" on my off days, so this is only a few days a week that I get this selfish little hour.

7. Very early in the morning.  I'm talking like 5am.  When it's just me and me alone in the waking world.  A little sliver of quiet time to read the Bible before I become Wife and Mom again.

8. In transportation.  I get motion sick, so this is only when I've taken some med to combat that, like long road trips.  But reading will forever be the best way to pass that time in a car or on a plane!

9. In the tub.  Of course!  This one, like #1, would probably show up on a lot of these lists.

10. At work.  Sure, you get interrupted every couple paragraphs (or more often), but this leads to great conversations all the time.  I love "talking books" with patrons and coworkers, and reading in public is a great way to start that conversation.

Leave a comment letting me know that you visited, and I'll be sure to visit back!  Can't wait to see what topics everyone chose this week!

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