Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Eight Things I'm Grateful For
This one is a Thanksgiving "freebie," and we were encouraged to write a top ten thankful list rather than a bookish list.  You'll see that books did, of course, make my list... but only amongst other, more important things.

1. The Hubby.  I mention him all the time in my Top Ten Tuesdays because he's so very entwined in my life.  I can't imagine life without him.  I love him very, very much and am so glad he continues to put up with me!

2. The Boy.  My son!  He's new to the family this year.  His first Thanksgiving!  Just like with The Hubby, I can't imagine life without him.  What on earth did we do with ourselves before we had him in our lives?

3. All the Fam.  All the parents and siblings and aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews and dogs!  What a lonely life I'd lead without them!  I am so so so blessed with so many loving family members.  I couldn't begin to describe all the help and support we've received this past year, with the new babe in the house.

4. My Church.  More support and love from my church family!  I miss church so much when I have to work on Sundays.  I love all the friends we have there.

5. My Job.  In this economy, I'd be grateful for nearly any job, but I'm extra blessed to have a job that I truly enjoy.  I work in teen library services... which isn't for everyone!  But I love "my" teens and have so much fun at work every day.  I'm even ok with the commute because I love my job so much!

6. My Educational Opportunities.  I'm in graduate school right now.  It's tough but I'm making it work.  It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time, and I'm finally in a place where I can.  And you know what?  I'm only able to do it with the support of my family and manager.  So to any of them out there reading this:  THANK YOU!  Thank you to the hubby for helping take care of the boy and the dog when I'm in class and thank you to the hubby and my parents for financial aid and thank you to my manager for letting me work on homework on the reference desk (as long as the patrons still come first).

7. My Car.  This might seem like a small thing compared to the first six items on my list, but my car means so much to mean:  it means independence and the ability to get to work and the ability to take care of my family without being reliant on public transportation.

8. Books!  You knew I couldn't do a Top Ten Tuesday on a book review blog without mentioning my love of books!  In all seriousness, I am grateful to live in a country where very, very little censoring happens.  I can read pretty much anything I want!

*I would have included "Health" in the list (I think I did last year) but my goodness... ever since The Boy started daycare, the three of us have had one cold after another!  Here's to hoping for a healthier new year!

And you?  What are you grateful for?  Leave a comment and I'll be sure to visit!  I'm looking forward to a day of warm fuzzies, reading all the TTT!

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