Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gilt by Katherine Longshore | Book Review

(Not crazy about the cover.  What about ya'll?  Do you enjoy looking up someone's nose?)

This is another Throwback review, as I noticed that I'd posted a review of Tarnish (Book 2 in the Royal Circle series) without ever having posted a review of Gilt.  I read Gilt in October 2012 in preparation for a group author visit to my library.  Katherine Longshore had just published Gilt and was one of five authors that were coming to talk to our teens about writing and publishing.  On Goodreads I gave the book 3 of 5 stars and wrote this about the book:

There were a LOT of characters to keep track of, but it was a very good plot. Very well written. I should have kept a list of characters, though, to help me keep them straight!

I did end up giving Tarnish 4 of 5 stars, so maybe I was too hard on Gilt, or read it the wrong week.  But there you have it; my short-and-sweet review of Gilt.  :)

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