Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Pintest #5 | Apple Praline Bread

Time for another Pintest! Tonight I made Apple Praline Bread and it is DELICIOUS!  Tomorrow I'm going to make a cake from a cookbook I got from the library: Surprise-Inside Cakes by Amanda Rettke. Such a neat book! There will be a review & pics of my cake to come.

But back to the Apple Praline Bread.

Apple Praline Bread ~ Recipe winner!

The link to my original pin  (follow if you'd like; I always like new friends)

And, even better:  the link to the original blog post:  Apple Praline Bread on Manila Spoon
(This is where you click to get the full recipe with amounts & whatnot.)

Guess what ya'll?  I actually had all the correct ingredients.  This happens maybe once out of every ten times I go to cook or bake or mix.  I was going to make this on Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) and have this post totally ready to go on Friday... but I didn't have yogurt.  And a quick Google told me the subs for yogurt were sour milk (I don't trust this.  What?  I'm supposed to purposefully put slightly rotten (DANGEROUS) milk in my food?) or sour cream (I didn't have this either).  So I stopped on my way home from work for the yogurt (and a lime... but that's for a beverage *wink wink*) and I'm ready to go!

The first step is to peel and dice your apples.  So I peeled...
Displaying photo.JPG
... and had naked apples.  Naked apples look rather funny.  Then I diced.

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And I took a picture of the diced apples in my shiny bowl.  I'm not very good yet at gauging when to take pics while trying recipe Pins.  So I have a picture of one ingredient, the diced apples, and no pictures of any other ingredients.  Fail.

Another fail:  I totally only used one of the naked apples.  The recipe says 1-2.  I'd peel one and dice it and see where that gets you before peeling Apple #2.

This truly was a pretty quick bread.  That's AWESOME.  I do not have time for long, involved processes that require more than one bowl to be washed.

The next step was to combine the first couple ingredients with a mixer, then add most of the rest of the ingredients, and continue with the electric mixer.  Yay for electric mixers!

Then you fold in the apples (make sure you diced them really fine so that the bread doesn't crumble when you go to slice it) and some nuts and pour into a greased loaf pan.  Here's my loaf pan:
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Isn't that pretty?  It's a hand-me-down from the hubby's mother.  I love old Corningware dishes!

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The batter... ready to bake...  This bakes for 60 minutes!  That's a long time to smell delicious smells before you get to eat any.

When it's nearly done baking, go ahead and whip up the praline topping to pour on top.  It's easy:  brown sugar + butter all melty.

And voila!

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Mmmm.... I'm eating a slice right now.  It's very good.  Sweet enough that it has dessert potential, but unsweet enough that I feel no guilt having it for breakfast tomorrow!

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