Thursday, April 3, 2014

Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi | Book Review

(I really like all the covers in this trilogy because they're very non-gender-specific.  As someone who recommends books to both guys and girls, I love when a book not only fits both genders in terms of plot but also in cover appeal.  Most guys refuse to touch books that are pink & shiny you know.)

Into the Still Blue opens with the stalemate between Sable & Hess and Aria & Perry.  Both are determined to reach the Still Blue, but both are missing a key component.  Sable & Hess don't have Cinder, and Aria & Perry don't have transportation.  Aria & Perry have the added conflict of trying to get Outsiders (Perry's people) and newly-rescued Dwellers to live together peaceably.  

I'm very sorry this is such a short review... I read the book months ago and am just now getting around to writing the review.

So the action starts immediately.  You get this anxious feeling of everythingmusthappenrightnow because in this world that Veronica Rossi has built the sky is on fire.  No joke.  And so they need to get to the Still Blue NOW or else they'll be trapped in a cave for a couple of years... with about 2 weeks worth of supplies.  I see Lord of the Flies in their future.  So Aria and Perry and Soren (of all people) make this extremely risky plan to go steal a bunch of giant airships from Hess & Sable.  When you're reading this part you're going to be doing many mental eye rolls and thinking "yeah.  Like that's going to work."  
But you know: Aria is a badass and Perry is tough as nails and even though they're dragging Soren along like dead weight it somehow works.

So there are some things I'm VERY excited about in this trilogy-closer but that I don't want to discuss in detail, therefore spoiling the book for ya'll:
1. Aria meets a certain soldier while they're in the giant metal mobile caterpillar.  (If you've read the book you'll know what that sentence means and you'll be excited too.  Go read the book so we can discuss!)

2. There's a heartbreaking moment at the end of the book that I totally compare to this:
but without the cold.  And with a different conclusion.  But still very much like this in the feels.

Please comment if you'd like to discuss further!  And I might be weird, and the Titanic reference might not make sense to anyone else... But I can try to explain if you comment!

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