Wednesday, February 15, 2017

By Hook or by Crook by Betty Hechtman | Audiobook Review

By Hook or by Crook (Crochet Mystery, #3)

The third installment in the Crochet Mystery series, By Hook or by Crook, is just as good as the first two!  Yes, it's still a somewhat predictable cozy mystery, but that's ok.  I'm liking the main character, Molly Pink, more and more with each book.  She's just such a good person!  And relatable.  And real.  She's not perfect, but she does love her family and friends with an unequaled ferocity.

This book features filet crochet, which is a more obscure technique.  I happen to know the technique, but I don't hear a lot of people talking about it ever, so I don't think it's widely practiced.  I like doing it for bookmarks or table runners.  The mystery focuses on a woman who leaves a piece of filet crochet and a note filled with remorse/guilt at a table that the Tarzana Hookers are manning at a local craft fair.  Along the way, Molly will uncover a secret affecting multiple generations and the murderer of a famous crocheter.

This particular book was slightly more serious than your average cozy mystery.  There's a small subplot involving anorexia, and one of Molly's friends is going through some really trying relationship issues.  Everything is still kept just light enough to not be a "downer."

I listened to this as an audiobook.  Still not really connecting with the narrator, and I can't say why, so it's 100% just me.  You'll probably think it's just fine.

One thing with this series:  the hard copies include crochet patterns and recipes, and the audiobooks omit them.  Bummer.

*I checked out my copy of By Hook or by Crook from my local library.

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