Friday, February 17, 2017

The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins | Book Review

The Nursing Mother's Companion

The summary on the back says that "breastfeeding is natural, but it is not entirely instinctual..." and that is so true.  This book is comforting and engaging and informative.  It covers everything.  I'm a reader, so I read it cover to cover, but you don't have to.  This means that I even read some pages that covered how to train yourself to produce milk for breastfeeding an adopted infant!  Fascinating.

Like I said, though:  it's an excellent book to have as a resource if you're choosing to breastfeed.  It's informative without ever coming across as judge-y.  My boy and I hit pretty nearly every roadbump mentioned in the book, and I found it comforting to read that they're common roadbumps!  There are so many stages to the breastfeeding process, too, and this book can help prepare you for the next stage, whatever that stage may be.  If you're able to continue breastfeeding and/or pumping for the entire first year, the book also covers the weaning process; if you choose to keep going, the book describes what it looks like to breastfeed a toddler.  And if you are not able to make it the whole first year, the book tells you options for that, too- without judgement.  I love it.

The Nursing Mother's Companion is time-tested and chock full of information.  I highly recommend!

*I checked out my copy of The Nursing Mother's Companion from my local library.

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