Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan | Book Review

Food: A Love Story

This review won't be long:  Food is a fantastic book that had me literally laughing out loud the entire time.  You may not believe that a full-length book can be written on a single man's love of food, but you'd be wrong.  I enjoyed every page of Food, and found it ended way too quickly.  I immediately handed it to the hubby who put aside the book that he was in the middle of to read this one instead.  He'd been trying to fall asleep at night with me quietly chuckling next to him for a few nights, and he was eager to find out what was so funny.  He's about halfway through right now, and laughing just as loudly!  I will mention that I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of foul language and all.  It seems like most modern comics are resorting to profanity and politics to get a laugh, but Jim Gaffigan is a slightly conservative, clean, family man.  You could totally read this book to your 5-year-old.  I also loved the photos throughout the book.  I always love photos, but I especially love that these are scattered throughout in the text instead of a clump in the middle.  And this is totally nit-picky, but I appreciated that the picture all fell at the end of a sentence or paragraph, instead of mid-sentence.   I can't find a single fault with this book, and I'm thinking of going back and reading Dad is Fat soon!

*I received my copy of Food from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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