Thursday, December 24, 2015

Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon | Book Review

Come Rain or Come Shine

Mitford #11!  Oh, how I love love love love love love love these books!  I've explained in previous reviews why these books are so special to me, and how my mom and I connected over them.  In 2014, Mom and I even got to go meet Jan Karon at an event in "Mitford" (Blowing Rock, NC), where she heavily hinted at this book.  I looked forward to it all year!

The Mitford books are so heartwarming, and this one is no different.  What is different is the point of view and shift in main focus.  In the first ten books, Father Tim is the sole point of view and focus of the story.  (No problem with that: I love me some Father Tim!)  In this latest installment, Dooley and Lace are the main focus, and there are multiple points of view.

We first met Dooley at age 10 in At Home in Mitford.  He wasn't well-spoken, and he was dirty.  Fast forward many, many years, and Dooley is graduating vet school, getting married to Lace, settling down on the former farm of Hal & Marge.  And they're doing one more big thing that's a total surprise to everyone!  The majority of the story focuses on the wedding... the wedding that Mitford fans have been waiting for!  I will own up to a few tears.  I cried at a fictional wedding.  I don't recall ever doing that before...  Crazy, huh?  But I feel like I know these folks.  I grew up with them!  And now Dooley and Lace are getting married!  Just keep that in mind and maybe keep a tissue handy when you read.

The shift in point of view is new to this book too.  I rather liked it, even though it was a tiny bit disorienting at first.  (Jan Karon doesn't announce the point of the view at the start of the chapter; you just have to dive in and figure it out.  Took me a moment; I was used to the solitary point of view from previous Mitford books.)  This allows us to see and experience lots of different aspects of the wedding, and to reconnect with all our favorite Mitford folks!

I give Come Rain or Come Shine an enthusiastic everyone-in-the-world-should-read-this six out of five stars... but I'm biased and I know it.  ;)  Still, I do highly recommend this series.

*I checked out my copy of Come Rain or Come Shine from my local library (and asked for a copy of my own for Christmas)!

*Update:  I DID receive a copy for Christmas!  From my mom.  :)  And guess what?  I had bought her the same book for Christmas!  How awesome is that?  Great minds think alike.  I hope all of you had a merry Christmas too!

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