Monday, December 21, 2015

Idiot's Guides: Dog Tricks by Debra Eldredge with Kate Eldredge | Book Review

Idiot's Guides: Dog Tricks

First Impressions While Reading:
Fully photographed!  In color!

Adorable/beautiful canine models for all the tricks.

A Trick I Taught Tucker (my 1-yr-old boxer):
Come & Carry!  This is a build-upon trick.  In our house, though, we call it a "task" rather than a "trick" since it's so useful.  We first taught Tuck to "get it," which means that he should pick up whatever toy we point at.  We'd already taught him "come" long ago.  We combined the two with the "come and carry" command.  So first we tell him to "get it" and then we tell him "come and carry" and he does!  Now I don't have to pick up his chewed-on toys; he'll carry them from room to room for us!

This book is stuffed full of tricks/commands!  There's everything from the useful ("come," "heel," etc.) to the fun for-show ("roll over," "shake hands," "play dead," "jump through hoop," etc.).  

*I checked out my copy of Idiot's Guides: Dog Tricks from my local library.

I can't resist... since the post is about dog tricks... here's my pup!

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