Friday, February 19, 2016

The Fireflies Book by Brett Ortler | Book Review

Firefly Book

A short review for a short book!  A very short book.  I read it at work, on the reference desk, and it only took me about half an hour.  Still, it was packed with pictures and information.  I learned about a new-to-me firefly species (the Blue Ghost) and learned that there are year-round synchronous fireflies in southeast Asia, where my cousin lives.  I'm a little jealous!  (I live in the southeast US, and we only get about two weeks of synchronous fireflies each year.)

I got this book while on a camping trip with my family last year to see the aforementioned synchronous fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Not only do I recommend The Fireflies Book for any and all ages, I DEFINITELY  recommend trying to go see the synchronous fireflies if you can!  An indescribably awesome experience.

*I own my copy of The Fireflies Book.

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