Monday, February 29, 2016

Prohibition Bakery by Leslie Feinberg with Brooke Siem | Cookbook Review

Prohibition Bakery

First Impressions Reading Through:
What a gorgeous cookbook!  Glossy, full-color pages through and through.  Every recipe gets a couple of pages, and these are set on a backdrop that looks like a well-loved sheet pan.  There are also photos from the 1920's scattered throughout.  I especially loved the ones showing the women marching/organizing/hanging posters to get the right to vote!

The cookbook opens with Leslie and Brooke giving advice on which kitchen tools you actually need, and which are expendable.  I loved that the list of tools needed to make their beautiful cupcakes was so short!  In fact, I already owned nearly everything they suggested owning.  (I don't have a candy thermometer.)  They also shared the story of how Prohibition Bakery came to be.  The authors have a very down-to-earth manner of writing, which is very welcoming.  It felt more like diving into an evening of baking with girlfriends than being told what to do by a pro chef.  (Not to say that they're not super talented in the kitchen.  They just "felt" more approachable.)

This cookbook definitely gives you your money's worth!  There are more than 50 unique recipes in it!  You would have to be a really, really, really picky eater to not find at least one cupcake that looked appealing.

The only tiny drawback to this cookbook?  It's the size of an average novel, and hardcover, so it doesn't lay flat open.  Totally surmountable if you have a recipe/cookbook holder.

Recipes I Tried:
None.  And that was so hard to resist doing!  You see, I'm currently expecting, and the booze in these cupcakes is not baked in.  It's added to the cupcakes' filling and frosting at the end, so it's in full alcoholic effect.  Ohmygoodness... I totally plan to re-request this cookbook from my library as soon as Baby Harris is weaned!

I totally recommend this cookbook!  And if you try any of the recipes, please don't be shy about letting me know just how delicious the cupcakes are:  I am not ashamed to live vicariously through others!

*I checked out my copy of Prohibition Bakery from my local library.

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