Thursday, January 9, 2014

Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen | Cookbook Review

My Thoughts

Loved it--the title says it all.  "Faith, Family, and Food--Bringing Our Home to Your Table."  There are 2-3 page introductions of each chapter, telling a fun anecdote or two about family members and also sharing their family's strength and faith.  Then, each recipe page also has a short paragraph by a family member, telling about the dish and why it's special to them, and/or giving hints, tips, and tricks for success in making it.  Not only does each recipe page list the ingredients and steps to cooking it, they also list the materials needed.  So I could see at a glance if a recipe was going to involve a cast-iron skillet (I don't have one).  I appreciated that.

I went right ahead and tried one of the recipes:  Pecan Chicken.  It got an enthusiastic double thumbs up from both myself and N, and has been added to our repertoire.  It's chicken sliced into thin strips, browned lightly, then put in a casserole dish and covered with a butter-pecan-maple syrup sauce and baked further.  Mmm... all that buttery pecan goodness... I'll be trying more recipes from this cookbook!

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