Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Dinners by Diane Cowen | Cookbook Review

Sunday Dinners by Diane Cowen

My Thoughts

This cookbook started strong and then went downhill.  Maybe I just got bored with it after the sixth pastoral family or so.  But I was really pretty done reading about halfway through the book.

The concept of the cookbook intrigued me enough to request it from the library, and I am glad I followed through on reading through it.  Diane Cowen interviewed many pastoral couples from megachurches across the US about their food-centered family memories and traditions, and then included about a half-dozen recipes from each family.

First, all of the pastors in the book were heads of megachurches.  Celebrepastors, if you will.  So I was a bit turned off by that.  There were a few included in the book whose ideologies N & I disagree with.  So there's that.  I'd have liked to see some more conservative or less-known pastors included.  Did anyone think to contact Billy Graham?

Second, nearly all the pastors talked in the interview about eating healthy... then the recipes that they gave for inclusion in the cookbook were sweets and rich sides and fried foods.  Say what?

But I did copy a few recipes to try, so that says something.  I've already tried the Southern Fried Apples from the Bishop T.D. Jakes family and they are GOOD.  I've already made them twice!  They're not healthy, but they're a great pancake topper!  (The apples aren't actually rolled in flour and fried; they're cooked in a pan with melted butter and cinnamon.  Mmm.)

So three of five stars for this one.  It might resonate more with someone who's a fan of any of the megapastors included.

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