Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Duck Commander Devotional | Book Review

The Duck Commander Devotional by The Robertson Family

My Thoughts

This is totally not an un-biased review. This is probably my fifth or sixth Robertson book and I've loved them all.  I'm also a huge Duck Dynasty fan.  So I pretty much knew I'd like the devotional before I even started it.  :)

The Duck Commander Devotional lived up to and surpassed my already high expectations.  I just love that this whole family is willing to live their faith out loud, and yet they never feel "preachy."  The Robertsons just continually point to God in every action.  They are definitely a family to aspire to be like.

In the Devotional, each day starts with a Bible verse, is followed by a family member's thoughts on that verse and it's application to their life, and ends with a heartfelt prayer for God to move in their/your life.  The family members take it in turn to write the devotional for each day, so you get some written by Phil, some by Alan, some by Willie, etc.  The Robertson ladies contribute too.  And here's where I got a little surprise:  some of the older Robertson kids contributed too!  What a great example that is for young folk.  They're just as well-spoken as their parents.  I recommended this book to a relative who has a 10 year old Duck Dynasty fan.  I also went out and bought the book for N.  It's a good recommendation when I go out and buy a book when I've already read the library's copy!

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