Thursday, February 20, 2014

Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews | Audiobook Review

I just love the Weezie & Bebe books!  They're such good friends and I love that, and they know each other so well.  It's so easy to imagine myself right there in Savannah with them.  We'd go antiquing and show shopping and then have a big dinner at Daniel's restaurant with all the family and Manny and Cookie!

Christmas Bliss: it's the week before Christmas, and also the week before Weezie and Daniel's wedding.  Weezie is super busy putting the finishing touches on her wedding; she's even making her own cake!  Bebe is busy being very, very pregnant with her first baby.  Marion (Weezie's mom) is busy with Weezie's wedding planning and also has her hands full with Joe (Weezie's dad), who is starting to forget things.  Manny & Cookie are busy, continually trying to add to Weezie's wedding and decor, adding larger and more grandiose touches at every turn.  And poor Daniel is still working in NYC with a bad head cold.  What'll the girls do?  Will the wedding happen without a hitch?

I so enjoyed this book.  I'm not from Savannah, but I was raised in the South and these books just feel like home to me.  They're that comfy old sweatshirt you put on and instantly feel cozy.  There's not a lot of shiny embellishments or fancy prose, but it just feels nice.

A funny note on this book:  I'd seen back in November 2013 that Christmas Bliss was up for publication and I went ahead and requested the audiobook from the library.  Because I wasn't the first in line to receive it though, it ended up in my hands in January.  So I did what anyone would do (right?) and listened to a Christmas story in January!  Fun.  :)  While the book undeniably takes place at Christmastime, the holiday is a bit "background" since the main focus is on Weezie's wedding and Bebe's impending baby, so it worked out alright.  It wasn't nearly as Christmasy as Blue Christmas, the third Weezie & Bebe book.

As I just mentioned, I listened to Christmas Bliss on CD.  The narration was great!  The narrator had a good southern accent, but it didn't sound hokey or redneck.  It was nearly exactly how I always thought Weezie & Bebe would sound!  So I'm extra excited to write about this book since it was a winner both in writing and in narration.

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