Monday, February 24, 2014

Revealed by P.C. & Kristin Cast | Audiobook Review

(For a book I really didn't care for, it sure has a decent cover, doesn't it?)

This is #11 in a series, and this "review" is an intervention.  I was hanging with the series for a little while and then I figured I might as well finish out the series.  (The books are pretty short.)  But I think I might go nuts if I try to listen to another (I've done the whole series on audiobook), so I think this'll be my last.

The problems with these books are completely fixable.  Like, maybe not retroactively; it's too late to save books 1-11, but maybe if Miss & Mrs. Cast keep writing they could fix these things in their next books:

1. The main character is really, really, really highstrung and whiny.  She's just not likeable.  My diagnosis: poor blood sugar.  The authors gave the girl IBS and she's a growing teen and she basically subsists on Coke.  She needs some veggies and a good night's sleep.  Please, Zoey:  stop looking for drama.

2. There's way too much pointless dialogue.  You know, dialogue that goes nowhere and solves nothing.  Mostly all the whining about boys.  Also unnecessary: all the "asides" from Zoey.  These books are definitely for an older teen audience, and they don't need that much explanation.  Please, authors: trust your audience.  We're smarter than you think.

3. When oh when oh when will it ever end????  *wail*  This series has gone on longer than it's readers.  Someone who started with the first book years and years ago would now be an adult and totally uninterested in continuing.  And doing these on audiobook... they just run together.  There's no beginning or end; just an endless horrifying loop of drama.  But I heard rumor (please please please be true!) that Book 12 will be the last one!

4. Blatant crazy-lady nudity.  Not cool.  This is YA, folks.  Let's keep the characters clothed, please.

I really feel like books 1-11 could be edited and condensed into about 3 books.  That might be better.

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