Thursday, February 13, 2014

Enders by Lissa Price | Book Review

(Not thrilled with this cover.  Wasn't thrilled with the cover for Starters either.  Stinks that such a great duo of books didn't get great attention-grabbing covers.)

Prime Destinations has been shut down and Callie, Tyler, and Michael are living in Callie's Ender's house.  Callie still has a chip in her head that allows the Old Man to talk to her, and she has yet to find her Ender's granddaughter to let her know about the inheritance.  And now the Old Man is starting to reactivate chips in other Starters' heads and using them as weapons.  Callie takes some risks to save herself and the other Starters from the mastermind behind Prime Destinations.

There were many things I loved about Enders.  After reading Starters, I was familiar with the world, so it was more about the characters and the action.  I also loved that Callie always stayed true to herself and her goals and her family.  I loved the action.  I loved the way it all came together at the end.  As an adult who would be recommending this book to teens, I loved that it was free of language and "tender loving" so I could give it to young teens; but it has enough action and intrigue that I can give it to older teens.

I liked this book well enough to do a little investigating to see if Lissa Price had changed her mind and was working on a third book!  (The ending is just open enough to leave some room for imagination or a third book.)  :)

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