Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Find It In Everything by Drew Barrymore | Book Review

(The book is about finding hearts/love in everything but there's no heart on the cover.  Hmm.)

Find It in Everything is a collection of photographs by Drew Barrymore (yup; that Drew Barrymore) that contain hearts found in everyday situations.  Some are kind of unique, like a photograph of a break in the clouds that forms a heart.  And a sun spot on a cat.  But others are kind of weird.  Like a piece of trash, a straw wrapper, that happens to have fallen in such a way that it vaguely resembles a heart.  

There are maybe 15 photos in the whole freaking book, and half that many words.  (I'm estimating, but really:  it's the most ephemeral book I've ever picked up and I work in a children's library.)  There were two photos where I wouldn't have found the heart without the caption to tell me where to look.  

I borrowed a copy for free from my library and spent about ten minutes on it.  I just kind of expected more.

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