Friday, May 9, 2014

Library Mascot Cage Match by Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum | Book Review

Yay!  Go Buddy!  Champion of the First Annual Library Mascot Cage Match!  

If you work in a library, you'll love this book!  If you don't work in a library, there's a good chance you'll enjoy it too!  Library Mascot Cage Match is a collection of Unshelved comic strips.  I chuckled through the whole thing.  It's all about daily life in the Mallville Public Library, with it's eclectic collection of staff and patrons.  This particular collection is from early Unshelved strips, before Dewey is married.  

Btw, Dewey (YA librarian) and Tamara (children's librarian) are my favorites.  Not pertinent to the book review; just sharing.

This book has a bonus!  It has a graphic novella in the middle--full color!  The graphic novella is titled Empire County Strikes Back and it shows the Mallville staff banding together to defeat Empire County's fancy, shiny new bookmobile that is stealing their patron base.

You can check out the Unshelved comic strip here:  I get the strip emailed right to my inbox daily.  Yay!

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