Friday, August 8, 2014

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich | Audiobook Review

Whew!  Did ya'll read my mega-review yesterday of all nineteen previous Stephanie Plum books?  That was one heck of a post, I will admit.  Thank you for sticking with me and coming back today!

Takedown Twenty was just as fantastic as all of the previous books!  Really!  I'm just so impressed with Janet Evanovich.  Even at Book 20, the characters and the plot still feel fresh and funny.  In fact, the books get more and more enjoyable (to me, at least) because I now feel like I really know all the main characters.  I would love to be Stephanie and Lula's friend and hang out with them!

So in this "episode" of the Stephanie The Bounty Hunter Show we have featured:  a giraffe running wild in the streets of Trenton; Morelli's godfather wanted as a fugitive accused of murder; a string of granny murders; a butcher with a penchant for peach Schnapps; and lots of bingo.  If you've ever read a Stephanie Plum book before you're probably nodding your head and going "yeah, yeah... that makes sense.  But tell me:  how many cars does Stephanie total in this one?"  (One, and one is stolen and one is towed.)

In Takedown Twenty Stephanie is tasked with apprehending "Uncle Sunny" (Morelli's literal uncle and godfather, and a local mob boss), who was caught on tape running over a guy.  He skipped bail, and he's in town, but no one's talking.  At the same time, she's asked by Ranger to help look into a string of granny murders.  The elderly women are being targeted at Bingo games and then strangled with venetian blind cords and then dumped in Dumpsters.  Yikes.  While Stephanie is spending her days trying to track down Uncle Sunny and her evenings at Bingo looking for a granny killer, Lula is by her side and insisting that they go giraffe hunting.  Yes:  a giraffe has been spotted roaming the streets of Trenton.  Just like with Uncle Sunny, though, no one is talking.  Lula, of course, names the giraffe Kevin and takes to feeding him.  And just because Stephanie's dance card isn't full enough yet, her mom insists on trying to fix her up with the local butcher, who has a penchant for peach Schnapps.  Are any or all of these things connected?  Will Stephanie find Uncle Sunny?  Why is there a giraffe loose in Trenton?

Guess what?  In Book TWENTY we still don't have an absolutely definitive commitment to Morelli or Ranger!  I'm "Team Morelli;" what about you?  Or are you rooting for Ranger?  I can't say that I'd be disappointed in either choice.  Another reason to be impressed with Ms. Evanovich:  even at Book 20 this love triangle doesn't feel tired.

As with the previous nineteen books, I laughed out loud throughout the entire book.  I love love love the narration and the plot.  These books always go too quickly for my taste!

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