Monday, November 10, 2014

On Folly Beach by Karen White | Book Review

My sister-in-love recommended this book to me, and she did so right before the hubby and I went on a trip to Charleston (right next to Folly Beach)!  Do ya'll do that?  Read books that match your real-life setting?  This is the first time I remember purposefully doing this, and I hope to do it again and again in the future.

To be honest, On Folly Beach had a little bit of a rough start for me, with one of the main characters becoming a widow.  That's really sad, and I was confused as to why my sister-in-love thought this would be a good vacation read.  But that was only a few pages, and then it immediately got really, really good!  The chapters alternate between Emmy (modern day, about 30 yrs old), Maggie (1942, young 20s), and Lulu (both modern day, about 80 yrs old and 1942, 9 yrs old).  Between the three women, we get the full story.  And what a story it is!  It's a story of hope and loss and love and sacrifice, on everyone's part.  I truly admired the strength and resilience of these women.  And the setting!  I read On Folly Beach while only a few miles away from Folly Beach!

I love the mystery, and how Karen White unveils it.  Like, I wasn't even expecting a mystery when I started the book!  It was a lovely bonus surprise, and I really enjoyed trying to puzzle it out.  I never saw it coming!  

Also, the setting, the base, for the book is a bookstore!  As a bibliophile, I love books with a bookstore setting.

Two thumbs up!

(Hubby & me in Charleston!  Isn't he handsome?)

*I checked out my copy of On Folly Beach from my local library.

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