Monday, May 2, 2016

On Becoming Birthwise: Understanding Birth by Design by Anne Marie Ezzo | Book Review

(Don't you love the picture of the lady sitting all calm at the hospital in a nice dress?  I gave birth a little over a week ago and did NOT look that calm and collected, I guarantee you.)

While pregnant, I read On Becoming Babywise on recommendation from many family and friends and loved it- it made such sense to me!  I noticed on that the book is part of a whole series, including one on giving birth.  I'm a brand-new mom, so I had zero experience giving birth and was looking for advice.

Unfortunately, this book wasn't quite as advice-ful as I'd hoped.  I thought that it would be about giving birth.  Like, the actual 5-10 hours that you spent in the hospital before bringing home a baby.  This book, however, starts waaaaay back at conception.  I read it during my third trimester; I was already way ahead of the book when I picked it up.

There is a little bit about the actual process of giving birth, but it's kind of shallow.  There are plenty of other books out there that give more info.

Not a terrible book; I still read it through... it just wasn't what I'd hoped for.

*I own my copy of On Becoming Birthwise.

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