Monday, May 9, 2016

The Journal of Major George Washington, 1754 by George Washington | Book Review

The Journal of Major George Washington, 1754
(Look at that dashing young man!)

This was a very short book, but I loved it!  I'm a huge, huge, huge George Washington fan.  The title implies that it's an entire years' journal, but it's really only May and a little June.  It turns out there was a big miscommunication involving some French troops, and then a battle, and then George Washington's journal was taken by the French.  This is that journal.

The opening of the journal might be the best part, as it recounts the whole confusion and the battle.  I had no idea!  And I really do read a lot about George Washington.  The journal itself was pretty cool, too.  To read about something from George's own pen!  That was neat.

The whole thing was less than 50 pages long and took me about an hour to read.  No excuses not to check it out- you know you want to!

*I own my copy of The Journal of Major George Washington, 1754.

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