Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare | Audiobook Review

(All of the books in this trilogy have fantastic covers!)

Throwback Thursday Review!

Last Thursday I reviewed Clockwork Angel and today I'm reviewing Clockwork Prince in set-up for tomorrow's review of Clockwork Princess, the final book in the trilogy.  I ended up liking these books better and better the farther into the trilogy I got!  I definitely recommend them.

I originally listened to Clockwork Prince in May 2013 and I gave it 4 of 5 stars.  If I remember correctly, Clockwork Prince manages to avoid suffering from "middle book in a trilogy" syndrome, which is awesome.  Tons of things happen in this book.  It is definitely not "just" set-up for the finale!

1. The Clave want to remove Charlotte as head of the London Institute.  This would mean that Tessa would be out on the street with nowhere to go.  But remember from my review of Clockwork Angel: Charlotte is not just some simpering Victorian lady; she is made of steel and will not take this laying down!  Also, all the members of the London Institute love her and will stop at nothing to protect her.  I have many, many, many loves for all the characters for how they stick up for Charlotte!

2. Tessa learns more about who (what) her parents were.  This whole self-discovery journey part of the book nearly led to tears on my part.  I do not want to spoil it for you, but it is definitely bittersweet for Tessa and the reader when we find out who her parents were and what that means for her future!

3. Will also has a bit of self-discovery happen, in a good way!  The curse?  We find out more about that and what that means for Will's future!  And it's not terrible!  Again, I don't want to give anything away, but just know that you can cheer for Will and for overcoming personal demons in this book!

4. A little bit of set-up for the finale.  Because, of course, those steampunk robots aren't going to defeat themselves.

I didn't write much at all on Goodreads when I initially read and rated this book.  I did write: "historical fiction+neat inventions+action=awesome" and I still agree with that!

*I received my copy from my public library.

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