Friday, September 5, 2014

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare | Audiobook Review

(All the books in this trilogy have fantastic covers!)

Clockwork Princess is really hard to review!  SO MUCH happens... it's really hard to avoid any spoilers!  But I'm going to try.  Of course, this is the third book in a trilogy, so there may be spoilers to the first two books in this review.

By this point, the reader is fairly familiar with the settings and the characters, so Ms. Clare doesn't spend much time on developing those further.  Instead, all her attention seems to be focused on mush relationships.  There's Jem and Tessa, who are about to be married.  I do love Jem, but I was kind of "Team Will," so I found it hard to be overly thrilled/excited about the upcoming wedding.  But you know, a wedding is a wedding, and I did get caught up a little in the excitement.  And the tenseness!  (Is that a word?)  Jem is so sick and everyone at the Institute is working together to research a cure still.  Just as everyone came together to defend Charlotte as head of the Institute, now everyone is working together to help Jem.  I love it.  They're not perfect people; they get aggravated at times, and not everyone is in love with everyone else, but it's like siblings.  They might get a little annoyed, but they still love each other.

And of course there's Mortmain, who is out to get Tessa, as she holds the key for him to complete his devious schemes.  In fact, near the beginning of the book Tessa is actually kidnapped by Mortmain!  But, as mentioned yesterday and in the paragraph above.... the Institute bands together to help her.  They are just such a good team!

Here's where the book lost me just a little, though:  the entirety of the action happened in the first half of the book, give or take a little.  Then Ms. Clare goes on to talk about relationships and feelings for the rest of the book.  Yes, I'm glad that we got closure on everything, but it felt a bit drawn out.  I'd have rather had a slightly shorter ending, even if that left a little to guess, and had more action!  Clockwork Princess just had a little different feel to it than the first two.  This is also where it's hard to really talk much about the book without giving away a lot of spoilers for the ending.  The book is full of twists, ya'll.  Overall, I pretty much agreed with and cheered for most of the ending.  

Oh, and the narration: I do believe this is the same narrator from the first two books.  I liked it.  Good, but not over-the-top fantastic.  The British accent gets the narration a bonus point. ;)

*I received my copy from my public library.

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