Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A New Song by Jan Karon | Book Review

(Don't you just love love love this cover?!?)

Continuing my summer re-read project with the 5th book in "the Beloved Mitford Series!" (The publisher uses that exact phrase on the covers of the books. Yup; they're beloved by me, at least!) Same as with the last four Mitford books, there will be spoilers in this "review;" it's more a recap to get to get us ready for the new book in September!

A New Song takes place entirely on Whitecap Island, where Father Tim is filling in as interim priest at St. John in the Grove. While understandably homesick for Mitford, Tim & Cynthia waste no time settling in at Dove Cottage and making friends. 

They take in a boy again. Jonathan, age 3, who's mother is hospitalized with an especially severe bout of depression. Cynthia falls in love with him, but praise God: by the end of the book his mother is able to care for him again. 

Father Tim finds a new "Grill;" Mona's Diner for food & Ernie's Bait, Tackle, & Books for fellowship with the guys. They share a building, and Ernie & Mona are married, but there's a yellow line down the middle between the two businesses. This helps keep their marriage intact!

Father Tim hires a new organist, Ella Bridgewater, who is a CHARACTER! She's a hoot. We could call her the Whitecap Miss Sadie. 

Tim & Cynthia have a neighbor who's a complete hermit/recluse. He's disabled, and has Tourrettes. He hides behind a tall wall. But you know Cynthia... She and Father Tim worm their way into his home and heart. 

Father Tim goes deep sea fishing and spends nearly the whole trip horribly seasick. Fortunately he recovers near the end and helps pull in a big fish. 

A HUGE storm hits and destroys a lot of property on Whitecap, including St. John in the Grove and Dove Cottage. Father Tim doesn't want to desert his new parish in this situation, so Paulina, Buck, Dooley, Poo, Jessie, and Harley get flown in by Omer so that Father Tim can marry Buck & Paulina. 

Jan Karon is so freaking talented. Even though this book takes place far from Mitford, it still felt like Mitford. If that makes sense. I loved it, of course!

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