Friday, July 18, 2014

Book Art: Creative Ideas to Transform Your Books-Decorations, Stationary, Display Scenes, and More by Claire Youngs | Book Review

I can never resist checking out book art books whenever I come across them!  My job is to provide lots of programs for teens in a library, and I love doing book art with them.  Also, I love doing book art in my own home-I'm just nerdy like that.  And what else are you going to do with all the books you weed from work or home libraries?*

Book Art contained tons of great craft ideas, and almost all of them use a pretty short and standard list of supplies, like a craft knife and tracing paper and glue sticks.  I love when there's not a lot of front-end investment in crafting!  The author does a great job with the instructions for the various projects--they're not overly long or complicated, and very clear.  And she provides templates in the back for all of the projects!  

Doesn't the little street scene on the front cover of the book look gorgeous?  I might try something like that at Christmas time.  Could you picture a few books with street scenes cut out of them lined up on the mantel over the fireplace, with a little faux snow underneath?

But right now it's the middle of summer, so the first project I attempted were the greeting cards.  They're a combination of drawing/design and cut-out, and I must say I'm really pleased with the result.  Here's a picture of two of my greeting cards:

I made 14 cards over the course of three days!  I'm going to give a set of 12 to someone for a gift.  Not pictured: a snail design with a flower cut-out.  I used all different brightly colored cardstock for the cards.

I give this book 5 of 5 stars.  It's got easily approachable projects and read well and had lots of photographs.

*Actually, there's lots to do with weeded books.  Writing projects, like black-out or ransom note poetry.  Upcycling, like discussed in this review.  Sell them, if they're in good condition, to a local used-book store.  Donate them, again-if they're in good condition, to your local library or school.  Have a book giveaway on your book review blog.  Recycle them, if they're in poor condition.  Give them away.  Or use them for funtivities.  Did I forget any?  Please comment and let me know!

*I received my copy of Book Art from my public library.

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