Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Boxing Day from My Bookish Secret Santa!

This December I participated in a Secret Santa exchange among book bloggers orchestrated by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.  (They're the same blog that hosts the Top Ten Tuesday meme that I like to participate in.)  I had So. Much. Fun. with this!  I loved reading my "assignment's" book blog to find out what she's into and then going shopping for her.  Then yesterday I received a box of my own in the mail!

Thank you, Secret Santa!

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My Secret Santa wrote all these cute notes and attached them to the packages, and also threw in some sweets.  She really went above and beyond!  

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There were bookmark notecards, for taking notes as I read!  And you can see the pretty Christmas card in the background.

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The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  The note reads: "Because you're a fan of Killer Instinct [I am!]... and this is ridiculously, amazingly good."

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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas... in hardcover!  How did I get so lucky?  It's gorgeous.  The note reads: "I don't think you've read this and OH MY GOSH I loveee this series, so here, have the first book (and prepare for badassery)."  I haven't read it, but now I can't wait... and OH MY GOSH I love the word "badassery."  It never fails to sell me on a book.  Shh... don't let booksellers know my cryptonite...

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A notebook!  The cover is all redacted book titles, all of which are on the ALA's list of banned or challenged books.  And ya'll know how much I'm into freedom to read 'em!  

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Due date socks!  The note reads: "Walk into the library like, "What up?  I got the coolest socks!""  I will!  A coworker and I were just looking at socks like these the other day.  And now I have my very own pair!  #biblionerd

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And last but not least, pencils made from tree branches!  So ecocool.  The note reads: "For writeeing."  lol  I love the puns we book bloggers come up with.  

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Such a haul!  I am so blessed.  I so love this blogging community.  Just three more little notes on this wonderful experience:

1. I have been so sick this Christmas!  Ugh.  That's a bummer.  But this package came at the perfect time for cheering me up!  I was all bummed because I was supposed to go home and see my family the day after Christmas and instead ended up sick as a dog and having to stay home.  And then this arrived!

2. The package arrived so beat up.  I don't know what happened.  It was bad enough that the hubby took pictures before I opened it in case anything was broken and we had to sue the USPS.  But everything seemed to be intact... Secret Santa, if you're reading this and anything is missing, let me know and I'll give the PO a stern talking to!

3. Last but not least, the reveal:  I definitely want to show much love to the lady behind such thoughtful surprises:  Rachel of Beauty and the Bookshelf.  Since receiving the box yesterday I've started reading her posts and I love it.  You should click on over and check it out yourself.  (This is my first year doing the Bookish Secret Santa... if I'm not supposed to reveal, let me know and I'll redact this paragraph....)

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy New Year!

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  1. AHHH, it arrived! I'm stoked you love everything! The box I sent it in wasn't the prettiest box and in perfect shape, but I taped it up and I don't think it should've arrived super beat (but it sounds like everything arrived). Oh and also, P.S., your pictures aren't showing up. (: Happy Holidays, and I'll be stalking your blog to see what you think of the books!