Monday, January 26, 2015

Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew

Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew
(Check out the picture in the top left!  Clemson!  Go Tigers!)

Game Day is a collection of 50 fleece projects that you could whip up pretty quickly out of fleece.  Most of the projects do involve a sewing machine, so you'll want to be comfortable using one.  The projects that don't involve a sewing machine are the old faithful knotted-edge fleece blanket and/or pillow.  I really wanted to make the hubby a pair of fleece pj pants, but the "pattern" in this book called for me to purchase a man's pj pants pattern!  So why do I need this book for that?  I think the best target for this book would be those sewing with or for kids or teens.  Most of the projects looked easy enough for even a pre-teen to help with, and most of the fashions would totally rock on a kid or teen.  The author does have a good, solid introduction that gives advice on tools that you should have on hand, and sewing terms, and tips & tricks.  She also breaks up the book into patterns for women, for men, for kids, for babies, etc.  Oh, and every project is clearly photographed so that you know what the finished project should look like.  All full color.  I'm not going to attempt any of these projects at this time, but I might in the future.

*I checked out my copy of Game Day from my local library.

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